Why Startups and Large Companies Can be Unstable for Employees

And why you should maintain a relationship with a permanent recruiter.

Employment these days is nothing like it used to be. Gone are the days where employees could come into work, work hard, and expect to be employed for the duration of their careers with a pension waiting at the end of the road. For better or worse, most employment these days is “at will” meaning either the employer or employee may choose to terminate the relationship at any time. While it’s possible to find stable employment in companies of any size, just because employment is stable now is no guarantee that it will be in the future. Here’s why both startups and larger corporations can be unstable and how you can develop a contingency plan just in case.

The Startup World

Thanks to the relative ease of starting a company and greater than ever access to venture capital funding, we live in the age of the startup company. Corporate behemoths like Google, Amazon, and Apple began their existence as small startup companies. By their very nature, startup companies can be an intense atmosphere. With limited funding and headcount, it’s easy to conjure images of the long hours, copious amounts of caffeine, and sleep deprivation that are commonly associated with startups.

It’s also well known that many startup companies fail. According to an article in FastCompany, a full 75 percent of venture-backed companies will fail. Why do so many startups fail? The reasons startups fail are varied, but unsurprising, and include a lack of focus, raising too much money too soon, and even a lack of finance, operations, or marketing knowledge. The point being, that a good product or idea isn’t enough to guarantee success. Things in the startup world are dynamic and constantly changing, making stable employment in the startup world hard to ensure.

Mid- to Large-Sized Companies

If startups are known to be unstable, maybe larger companies offer a greater amount of stability for their employees? While it’s true that larger firms are more insulated from the factors that cause startup companies to fail, being employed by a bigger company is in no way the perfect answer to finding stable employment.

Employees at larger companies face a different set of employment risks; many which can be completely out of the employee’s control. In an era of offshoring, corporate downsizing, reorganizations, and office closures, being employed by a larger company exposes employees to a different set of risks but risks all the same.

How can a permanent recruiter help mitigate risk?

Simply put, having a dedicated recruiting resource like River Group Technologies on your side means you’re prepared for whatever the uncertain world of at-will employment throws at you. Even if your current employment is stable, maintaining a relationship with a permanent recruiter means you’re ready even if the worst should happen. Recruiters are constantly in touch with the local market and looking for new opportunities every day, whether you’re currently looking, or not. As such, a good recruiter can be ready to initiate a job search should your employment status change suddenly.

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