What’s It Like Working at River Group Technologies?

Our partner, Black Diamond Networks, asked it’s employees what they enjoyed most about their jobs. One of our recruiters, Kasey, stepped up to participate. Here’s what she had to say about working for River Group Technologies (RGT). 

Kasey Mortimer, Technical Recruiter

What do you love about your job? 

I am part of a great team with a leader whom in I truly believe wants us all to succeed together. Additionally, this is a meritocracy and you get what you put into it!

How would you explain the culture in the office?

We are a group of motivated professionals who work hard to optimize our time and gain financial independence. While we have a competitive, sales environment, many of us are happy to assist colleagues, especially those who are new to the business.

What is your favorite perk about working for RGT? 

We have a great team, office, and company-wide quarterly events where we participate in fun activities while engaging each other on more personal levels.

What do you love about your teammates?

There is a healthy dose of inter-team competition, but we truly act as a collaborative unit working toward winning together. For our team specifically, I believe we all genuinely respect and like each other as colleagues and humans.

Overall, as far as sales environments go, Black Diamond Networks, River Group Technologies, and AP Biosciences all cultivate one which tangibly rewards success and fosters healthy competition. There are metrics to achieve and/or surpass, but if you are performing well there is also flexibility in how you allocate your time during the workday.


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