4 Ways to Tell That It’s Time to Call RGT

When’s the last time you thought about the health of your career? If you’re currently happy and content with your current position, it has probably been some time. On the other hand, if you find yourself wanting more from your career or are unhappy at work, it probably happens fairly frequently. However, if you’re caught somewhere between those two positions, it might be hard to tell whether it’s the right time to make a move. Where there’s no surefire sign that it might be a good time to start looking, here are four signs that you should give River Group Technologies a call.

You Dread Going to Work

There are few things better than loving what you do and getting paid to do it. Conversely, there are few things worse than waking up in the morning and not being excited about the day ahead. When you’re less than happy about going to work, it can seem overwhelming. You’re unhappy, you spend the nights and weekends not looking forward to the days ahead, and your work likely suffers for it. If you’ve lost your passion for your current position, it’s definitely time to start thinking about a change.

You’re Bored With What You’re Working On

The engineering field is one where every day should bring with it new challenges to conquer that keep you engaged and interested in the work you’re doing. Technology changes rapidly and many engineers find themselves working on the cutting edge of the developments that will change our lives in the future. Your career should always excite you to a certain degree. Sure, there will always be days that come up short, but if you find yourself continuously struggling to find motivation at work, it could be a sign it’s time to give River Group a call.

You’re Unhappy with Your Compensation

In an ideal world, we all work because we love what we do. In reality, for most people, we do what we do because we generally enjoy it and get paid to do so. Compensation can be a major factor when it comes to happiness (or lack thereof) on the job. Maybe you took on additional responsibilities and your salary hasn’t increased to match? Maybe you feel that you’re underpaid and your current employer hasn’t taken steps to remedy the situation? Whatever the reason, if you feel unhappy with what you’re being paid, switching jobs can be the best way to change your fortune.

You Can’t See Any Upward Mobility

You work hard, put the long hours in, and… there’s no clear path for advancement at your company. This is obviously a less-than-ideal situation. The ability to advance within a company is a major motivator and a way to quickly increase one’s compensation. Being stuck in a position with nowhere to go can easily lead to dreading work, professional boredom, and ultimately a job search.

Ready for a Move?

If you’re an engineering professional feeling any of the “symptoms” described above, it’s time to give River Group Technologies a call. We’re a leading permanent staffing agency based out of Andover, MA. Since 2001, we’ve dedicated our efforts to placing top technical professionals at companies throughout the New England area. Whether you’re looking for more money, a new challenge, or somewhere to grow your career, we can help. Visit our website at www.rivergrouptech.com or give us a call at 978.474.9920.